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myPersonal Trainer Swim Spa

This swim spa is a complete fitness package. It comes with four fully adjustable, high volume swim jets that create a strong current for you to challenge yourself against. When you have finished working out you can stand against the vertical body jet panel for a full body massage to relieve your aching muscles. Ditch the gym membership and invest in a MyPersonalTrainer swim spa.

This pool-spa comes in the plunge, classic and extreme models. Plunge model has 36 jets, the classic 53 and the extreme 77 additional jets and the SV4 POWERsmart control to keep energy consumption down.

Contact Phil's Pool & Spa today on 02 9545 6660 for our swim spa prices and for more information on our spas for sale.

MyPersonaltrainer Swim Spa


MyPersonaltrainer Swim Spa Information


Specification Plunge Classic SmartSaver Extreme
SQR Jets 36 52 56 78
Swim Jets 2 4 4 4
Neck & Shoulder Massage - Optional
Foot Massage
Filtration Pump 1 1 1 1
Hydrojet Boost Pump 1 2 3 4
POWERsmart Control SV2 SV3 SV3 SV4 + I-Touch
POWERsmart Variable Heater 3 kw 6 kw 6 kw 6 kw
POWERsmart Heat Pump Optional Optional 5.5 kw 8.8 kw
Minimum Power Required 20 amp 32 amp 32 amp 45 amp
POWERsmart Heat Ready Optional
Purewater Ozone Sanitation Optional - -
Clearzone Water Sanitation Optional Optional
LED Waterline Lighting Optional
iLight Swim Tracking - Optional Optional
3 x Waterspouts - Optional Optional
2 x Cool Down Seats Seats OPT Seats OPT Seats STD/Jets OPT Seats & Jets STD
Cedar Cabinet
Duratek Cabinet Optional Optional Optional Optional
Lockable Hardcover Blizzard Cover
Stainless Steel Support Bar Optional Optional

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